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Let’s play games together.
Leave a comment and help shape how I play a game.


I review the games I play so you have an idea about what I think is good and what I recommend.


We all get stuck in games from time to time.
I like to share my findings, so I create small tutorials to also help you out.

Cities Skylines

Let’s Play Cities Skylines in the challenging city of Atlantis.
This Cities Skylines series will take place on a very unique map with plenty of mountains and rivers. We have a few goals in mind: offer a great network of bike paths, and enjoy the journey.

Evil Genius 2

Let’s Play series of Evil Genius 2.
On my first campaign, I’ve decided to go with Max and see what diabolical schemes we could come up with.
This is a fun, slow-paced campaign fueled with some tips and tricks that I uncovered along the way.

Software Inc

Let’s Play series of Software Inc.
Welcome to Horde, our new company in Software Inc. We are trying different strategies and play styles. Are we going into bankruptcy?

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