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Let’s Play

Let’s play games together.
Leave a comment and help shape how I play a game.


I review the games I play so you know what to expect, what I think is good and what I recommend.


We all get stuck in games from time to time.
I like to share my findings, so I create small tutorials to also help you out.

Cities Skylines 2

Our first major city in Cities Skylines 2 is currently in progress and it is growing quite fast.
Join us while we explore the game mechanics, new mods and strategies to make our city thrive.

Cities Skylines

Let’s Play Cities Skylines in the city of Damascus.
We start this series building around an incredible Dam and as we grow, we’ll be challenged by the terrain and constraints that the Realistic Population mod brings into play. Our main goals are to provide great walkability, respect the environment, and enjoy the journey.

Oxygen Not Included

It’s challenging and funny. Sometimes it’s simple, and occasionally it’s complex. This new Let’s Play series of Oxygen Not Included has certainly been awesome to play.
Our main goal is to learn and survive the harsh environments on the planets we visit while creating a better life for our Dupes. Will we thrive?

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